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London Architecture

  • Guide to the Architecture of London

    by Edward Jones and Christopher Woodward

    A comprehensive guide to all the buildings in London, each with an image and detailed description.

  • London Architecture

    by Marianne Butler

    A chronological look at London’s architecture, with maps and recommended walks.

  • Unseen London

    by Mark Daly & Peter Dazeley

    Beautiful photographs of some of London’s oldest and more private buildings — both exterior and interior.

  • 50 Years of London Architecture, 1960–2010

    by Peter Murray

    Detailed profiles of London’s buildings and mini introductions to each decade.

British Architecture

Architectural Styles

Online Resources

London architecture

  • A London Inheritance

    A great blog exploring London's history and development through photographs (both vintage and current) of locations and buildings around the city.

  • Buildington

    An open database of all buildings and new property developments in London.

  • Hidden London

    A guide to London's lesser known attractions including buildings and areas.

  • London Shh

    A small collection of houses around London that you can visit which also hosts their own events and exhibitions, as well as being able to hire out.

  • New London Architecture

    Lists all the architecture-related events, research, and exhibitions going on the city.

  • Open House London 2016 Listings

    The archived site for the Open House London 2016 event. Lists all the buildings that were involved and each building has a detailed profile.

British architecture

  • A History of British Architecture

    A timeline created by the BBC on British Architecture throughout the years.

  • Architect’s Journal

    Leading architecture magazine in the UK.

  • British History

    A digital library of primary and secondary sources for the history of Britain and Ireland between the years 1300 and 1800. Great for historic documentation and descriptions of older buildings.

  • English Buildings

    An informative blog on English architecture by Philip Wilkinson, which was given the 2016 Amara Award for 'Best Architecture Blog'.

  • Historic England

    You can search through the National Heritage List for England — the only official up-to-date record of all historic buildings and sites in England that are nationally protected.

  • Modernist Britain

    A curated site of 50 Modernist buildings from across Britain and Northern Ireland, accompanied with illustrations.

  • RIBA

    The site for the Royal Institute of British Architects which includes many resources and information for architects or for those interested in architecture.

  • Society of Architectural Illustration

    Can often find beautiful illustrations of buildings around Britain by members of the society.

  • The Modern House

    A personal favourite; an estate agent for beautiful and ecclectic homes around Britain based on the Modernist style — in terms of construction and aesthetics.

Architectural styles

  • The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture

    An online record of all surviving Romanesque sculpture in Britain and Ireland, with detailed descriptions and photographs in each entry.

Architecture Tours

  • Insider London

    The group holds various walking tours around London, two of which are architecture-specific: Modern Architecture and Sustainable Architecture.

  • National Theatre

    A tour of the National Theatre on Southbank, both outside and around the building.

  • National Trust

    The charity holds some great Routemaster bus tours around London, each one focused on a particular area or theme.

  • Open City London Architecture Tours

    Lists different types of architecture tours around the city, including photography, walking, cycling, and boat tours.

  • Open House London

    The biggest annual architectural event in London, where hundreds of buildings are open to the public for a weekend. The next event is taking place on 16th and 17th September, 2017.